Barrier Breakers Coaching, LLC


  • Professional Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Author, Notary 

  • Positive Changes from Traumatic Experiences

  • Cultivate Dramatic Breakthroughs

  • Transcend Traumatic Growth

  • Develop the Resilience to Grow

  • Transformation of Spiritual Development 

  • Regain Personal Strength

  • Guiltless Self-Care


Vision Statement

Post-Traumatic Growth Coach

Barrier Breakers Coaching, LLC's vision is to help find the positive change from the traumatic experience, cultivate dramatic breakthroughs and transcend traumatic growth.


About Me

Professional Certified Coach, Speaker, Author, Notary

From the moment we are born, we must prepare to embrace every juncture. Becoming a Professional Certified Coach married my need to serve others with my life long love of caring, listening, and understanding. Because of my caregiver experience tied to my elderly mother, and my retired military husband, my business knowledge and strategies gained me over twenty plus years of experience. That’s why I aspire to help others achieve the things they desire most. 

Nevertheless, I've overcome many barriers such as brokenness, a failed marriage, financial hardship, struggle with depression, that has gained me wisdom, insight, and knowledge through many life lessons, my educational opportunities, and my relationship with God. All these things helped shape, motivate, and change my emotions and lifestyle to build a productive and meaningful life. 

I specialize in empowering veteran caregivers to effectively provide care to their loved ones while still maintaining their own physical and emotional wellbeing. You will rebuild the necessary areas of life. Turn them into a new victorious journey. Also, I teach, coach, and train small businesses employees to change their mindsets to accomplish task above and beyond. I guide individuals to remove barriers standing in the way of recognizing and accepting the gift within themselves. My mission is to move you forward strategically and confidentially. Get in touch to learn more.