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Bessie McDaniel

Professional Certified Coach




A Bit About Me

From the moment we are born, we must prepare to embrace every juncture.  Becoming a Professional Certified Life Coach, specializing in Post-Traumatic Growth, married my need to serve others with my lifelong love to be resilient in the face of adversity and trauma.


Nevertheless, the suffering I went through was real. I have overcome many barriers such as domestic violence, brokenness, a failed marriage, financial hardship, struggle with depression, which all has gained me wisdom, insight, and knowledge. All these things helped shape, motivate, and change my emotions and lifestyle to build a productive and meaningful life. Through my many life lessons, my educational opportunities, and my relationship with God, I have been able to help others who have found themselves in similar circumstances. 


Caring, loving, listening, and asking tied with my education, business knowledge, and strategies gained me over twenty-plus years of experience. Inspired by my deceased beautiful mother and my retired military husband, I aspire to help people to transform pain into purpose. 

As your Mental Health & Spiritual Growth Coach, I help to find the positive change from the traumatic experience, cultivate dramatic breakthroughs, and establish resiliency.


Genesis 50:20 (NLT) "You planned to do bad things to me. But God planned them for good, to make it happen that many people be kept alive, as they are today." 

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