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Originally in a neutral sense but sometimes also "a decision determining fate or fortune, irrevocable destiny." A book of laws in Old English was a dombec. Modern adverse sense of "fate, ruin, destruction" begins early 14c. and is general after c. 1600, from doomsday and the finality of the Christian Judgment. Crack of doom is the last trump, the signal for the dissolution of all things.



late 14c., domen, "to judge, pass judgment on," from doom (n.). The Old English word was deman, which became deem. Meaning "condemn (to punishment), pronounce adverse judgment upon" is from c. 1600. Related: Doomed; dooming.

Old English deman "to judge, decide on consideration, condemn;, think, judge, hold as an opinion," from Proto-Germanic *domjanan(source also of Old Frisian dema"to judge," Old Saxon adomian, Middle Dutch doemen, Old Norse dma, Old High German tuomen, Gothic domjan "to deem, judge"), denominative of *domaz, from PIE root *dhe- "to set, put" (compare doom). Related: Deemed; deeming. Originally "to pronounce judgment" as well as "to form an opinion." Compare Old English, Middle English deemer "a judge." The two judges of the Isle of Man were called deemsters in 17c., a title formerly common throughout England and Scotland and preserved in the surname Dempster.

Columbine High School shooter Eric Harris is known to have created several levels for the game. A few including Thrasher.wad and RealDeth.wad have resurfaced, but a rumoured recreation in the game of the Columbine High School itself (possibly called Realdoom.wad), which would provide a macabre fascination, has yet to be found

With harsh candor and biting humor, the portraits in the exhibition dissect a Weimar demimonde of prostitutes and profiteers, war veterans and war widows, performers and poets. The Verists themselves were part of this shattered world, mingling in the crowd with former aristocrats, middle-class doctors, and businessmen. Their powerful images serve as mirrors to a glittering yet doomed society. With Hitler's rise to power in 1933 and the end of the Weimar Republic, artists lost their teaching positions, their work was banned, and many of them went into exile.

The potential knock-on effects of interest rate hikes may have some investors and market observers concerned about the U.S. economy entering a doom loop in 2022. Sure enough, the increasing cost of borrowing money driven by increasing interest rates generally leads to sinking bond values, which has translated into losses for major banks on their bond portfolios. The effect of rate increases on banks is a reminder of the potential for monetary policy to trigger a doom loop, but for the moment, the market appears more concerned about continued interest rate increases rather than the possibility that the United States will be unable to pay its debts.

As shown by the example of the eurozone debt crisis, the only way to break a doom loop is usually through external intervention to provide funding to stop the cycle, generally accompanied by other measures to restore financial health.

If you feel motivated, on a rainy Saturday, you can go through a doom box or two and see if anything needs recategorizing, or if you want to donate or trash anything. For important items like those bills, I make sure they stay pretty close by because doom boxes out of sight do tend to go out of mind. For the non-minimalists, doom boxes are a way of life, one that should be embraced, not hidden. 041b061a72

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