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Kurzweil Pc3 Patches !LINK!

When you're performing onstage, you don't need a stage piano that fights you back. To that end, Kurzweil fortified the SP6 with a powerful feature set that not only loads sounds instantly, it lets you navigate fast. The onboard FX Engine delivers a full range of editable effects, from reverbs, delays, and dynamics to rotary speaker simulation for your organ patches. Eight arpeggiators let you whip up compelling rhythmic patterns quickly. And to command it all, you get 20 fully programmable physical controllers.

Kurzweil Pc3 Patches

While it's not a new feature for Kurzweil, it's one of our favorites here at Sweetwater: dynamic allocation of polyphony. The implementation of this technology in the SP6 means you'll never hear notes "drop off" when you reach maximum polyphony. So even if you're playing heavily-layered sounds with lots of effects, the SP6 is selective about which voices to drop in favor of new ones. You don't really need to think about it, but it's a huge deal when you hear how seamless and natural performances sound even with complex layered patches. 350c69d7ab

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