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Buy Parquet Wood Floor Tiles

Our parquet floors are an astonishing contrast to the ordinary hardwood floor. Czar Floors parquet is available in a vast selection of intricate patterns as well as classic European styles. Our product ranges from simple 9x9 or 12x12 wood tiles to extravagant designs made with exotic wood species. We also offer the option to make a custom product or alter an existing design.

buy parquet wood floor tiles

Parquet wood tiles are intended for a glue-down installation over wood or concrete subfloor. Parquet is made with a solid wood (no veneers) construction. Every parquet module is precisely cut using CNC machinery to ensure an exact fit. Every order is made from the same wood batch allowing for a consistent look and feel. Upon completion, each order is inspected for matching specifications, wood moisture content, and quantity before shipping. This meticulous process ensures painless installation and the best appearance. All our products are shipped by FedEx Freight Priority and are fully insured.

Parquet flooring is sold by sq.ft. The minimum order quantity is 100 sq.ft. Single wood parquet pattern is typically shown in plainsawn White Oak. It can be done in Red Oak for the same price. It can also be constructed from a variety of domestic and exotic wood species for an additional charge.Parquet can be glued down to the plywood subfloor or concrete using recommended adhesive Bostik Best. For more details, please check Parquet Installation Instructions.

For radiant heated floors and critical applications, we recommend using Rift/Quartersawn wood materials for the best results. Learn more about Rift and Quartersawn wood parquet.

Water damage can ruin some old parquet tiles beyond repair. Typically, it is fingerblock parquet tiles like 9" x 9" or 12" x 12". Czar Floors can custom produce parquet tiles in similar wood and dimensions. Please note that the minimum order is 100 sq.ft. Both old and new floors need to be resanded together and possibly stained, trying to blend old and new wood. Initially, old tiles will look a lot darker from age and finish discoloration. After sanding and finishing, it should be pretty close to the new flooring.

  • Wood parquet flooring is created from small pieces of wood, typically hardwoods such as oak, walnut, or maple, that are placed in a definite design pattern on the floor."}},"@type": "Question","name": "Is parquet flooring easy to maintain?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Wood parquet flooring is cared for just like other hardwood floors. Simply sweep and dry mop at least once a week. Clean it every month or two with a wood finish product. Any spills should be wiped up as soon as possible so as not to leave a stain or mark on the floor.","@type": "Question","name": "Are wood parquet floors waterproof?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Unfortunately, wood parquet flooring is not waterproof. You can put a sealant on it to help protect the floor, but any water or spills should be cleaned up quickly."]}]}] .icon-garden-review-1fill:#b1dede.icon-garden-review-2fill:none;stroke:#01727a;stroke-linecap:round;stroke-linejoin:round > buttonbuttonThe Spruce The Spruce's Instagram The Spruce's TikTok The Spruce's Pinterest The Spruce's Facebook NewslettersClose search formOpen search formSearch DecorRoom Design

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Wood parquet flooring is cared for just like other hardwood floors. Simply sweep and dry mop at least once a week. Clean it every month or two with a wood finish product. Any spills should be wiped up as soon as possible so as not to leave a stain or mark on the floor.

Traditionally, parquet flooring was created by installing pieces of flooring in a pattern. And of course, this is still what most people think of when they think of parquet. Herringbone, for example, is the most popular example of this type of installation.

But parquet flooring as we know it has its origins in 16th-century France, where aristocrats would flaunt their wealth by hiring laborers to create elaborate geometrically-patterned floors in their posh palaces.

Shortening the endless list of parquet flooring patterns down to something small enough to fit here is difficult, to say the least. You can find a wider list in this article about wood floor patterns, but here are some of the most popular options:

This is where things start to get tricky. Parquet floors can warrant a premium price, or you may not notice a price difference at all. The main factors in determining the price of your parquet flooring are:

Pricewise, laminate is comparable with vinyl plank. And like vinyl plank, you can use it to install parquet patterns. Vinyl plank and laminate are both composite floorings, though the latter is a marginally more eco-friendly flooring option.

Tile is another option that can be used for parquet flooring, though it may be a bit more expensive. There are many types of tile that can mimic the appearance and feel of wood, and you can install it in whatever parquet pattern you choose.

Some smaller brands like Czar Floors and Oshkosh Designs specialize in prefabricated wood parquet tiles. But most buyers who install parquet floors simply buy their materials from the usual list of hardwood floor manufacturers. Fun fact: even the top engineered wood flooring brands sell materials that can be installed in parquet patterns.

Parquet flooring was developed in France and Italy, where it was an integral part of any fashionable home or building for centuries, Solomon explains. In the New World, it was also seen as a hallmark of elegance, and many mansions owned by successful colonists, including shipping and whaling magnates and plantation owners, featured intricate parquet flooring.

Parquet is typically seen in public spaces in the home, such as foyers, hallways, and formal dining rooms. But this special flooring is also appropriate in smaller spots like a bathroom or a large walk-in closet. (Skip parquet in the basement, where humidity and flooding pose a risk.)

Where better to experiment with parquet flooring than in a less trafficked area of your home? A guest bedroom, home office, or crafts room is made especially grand with the addition of parquet flooring.

We offer parquet floors/flooring installation service throughout New York and New Jersey. To choose the best parquet floor designs, review some of our work or provide us details about the kind of design you are looking for and we should customize one for you. Parquet wood floor installation in NY or NJ is affordable, high quality and long lasting.

All our Parquet flooring desgin's are available in many species, textures, finishes, colors, sizes and shapes. We "tailor" the parquet flooring to your desires. We have no ready made inventory. All our product is custom designed parquet floors for each client, so these are for inspiration and ideas.

Bona has a top-tier reputation when it comes to cleaning wood floors. It began as (and still is) a professional wood floor refinishing company, so they know how to safely clean wood. And in our testing, Bona's Hardwood Floor Cleaner cut through our sticky test soil and erased shoe scuffs faster than all the other products we tested. All you have to do is lightly mist a 3-foot square section of floor at a time and go over the area with a microfiber pad mop. Bona's formula evaporates quickly, so there's no need for extra dry buffing before you move on to clean the next section of the floor.

This new category of cleaning appliance is taking the floor care industry by storm. Vacuum mops suck up dry debris and wet chunky messes, like spilled soup or cereal, and wash floors, too. In our recent test of 11 models, this one from ILIFE was the highest scorer in our performance tests. Because the suction on the W100 was so powerful, it was able to pick up water that wasn't in its direct path, making us comfortable recommending it for use on wood floors.

If you already own or are in the market for one of the new vacuum mops, like our ILIFE pick, you'll need a separate cleaning formula to use in it. Most machine brands offer their own multi-purpose formulas designed to clean a variety of floor surfaces. But when it comes to cleaning wood floors, we like the idea of using a product specifically made for wood, so we were pleased when Bona launched its Hardwood Floor Cleaner Machine Formulation. When we put it to the test in our machines, we found it cleaned well, dried quickly, removed marks and left our floors streak-free. And the consumers on our test panel agreed, so much so that it earned a spot in our 2022 Good Housekeeping Best Cleaning & Organizing Awards. While Bona claims it's safe to use in most brands of vacuum mop, we recommend checking with your mop's manufacturer that using another brand of cleaner won't void your appliance's warranty. 041b061a72

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