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The actor Hrithik Roshan who is a known superstar in his own right. He owns the comedy with his hilarity and can add fun to any character he portrays. He is so funny in Kadhal. His performance in Kadhal was phenomenal, no doubts about that. Many comedies are comedies thanks to the comedy scenes in it. For the comedy scenes in this film, the actors were pretty good in their performances. Sunny Leone had a great performance in the film.Many of the scenes are pretty funny, and the plot is quite interesting.It is a good movie, and definitely has good dialogues.

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The fight scenes are good enough to pick up on. The plot is so predictable. Sunny Leone really makes a good impression in this movie. She is a real sex kitten in the movie. Hrithik Roshan's look is better. The fight scenes are more interesting than the drama. The comedy was a bit weird.It is quite an ordinary movie that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It is the story and the direction that is the culprit. The comedy in the story is of no use. The direction and the story fails to entertain you, and the fight scenes are not that appealing. On the whole, it is not a movie I would watch again. It is a routine entertainer with predictable, ordinary dialogues.

My favorite movie by far. It is a dramatic movie. The screen presentation is great. Sunny Leone steals the show as always, and the pacing of the film is right on track, and the story is engaging. Highly recommended. My wife and I have seen it multiple times, so we know all the sequences by heart.

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