Two Beauties Wrapped in Cuteness

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Two Beauties Wrapped in Cuteness

Have you ever had to face adversity, trauma, or other life stressors? While many people struggle with various things, many learn to cope and handle life challenges with great ease. Resilient people cope and develop the right attitude. Knowing how to cope with overwhelming frightening feelings can change your life.

A few years ago, I received a text from a dear friend requesting prayer for a friend diagnosed with cancer. At the time of her request, I was immediately led to pray but felt a need to go a little deeper. I reached back out to my dear friend and asked if I could have Lisa's phone number. Without hesitation, my dear friend obliged. Lisa is such a gentle, beautiful soul. She is amiable, easy-going, and kind. With permission to call, Lisa and I spoke on the phone for what seemed like several hours. Well, God has a way of developing the right attitude to cope. Let me stop right here and explain; all the while I am praying and talking to Lisa, I thought it was a different person. When our schedules aligned, we met at my home. Well, Lisa, from my church, was not the Lisa who showed up at my door. The look on my face was probably as confused as my thoughts when I opened the door. Lisa introduced herself again through the glass door. At this point, this was ALL God, a divine appointment. I welcomed her into my home. We prayed, cried, laughed, and that day changed our lives. Lisa is such a blessing not only to me but to others. She donates books, time, and finances to Duke Cancer Center. She gives encouragement, confidence, and hope to others who battle cancer.

Well, we did not stop there! God enlisted more support and a beautiful soul, Sandra. She and Lisa instantly connected. Cuteness on the inside is versed with grace, passionate about the Lord, sincere in her efforts to spread cancer awareness. She prays when prompted, she speaks life into others, and she is simply beautiful. There are things God has prepared her for, and there are things God is preparing for her. To celebrate others from the inside out, Sandra births her vision "Too Cute for Cancer." Each year she recognizes a person in the community and honors them with ways of cuteness. It is an evening with education, comedy, singing, and honoring those who lost their cancer battle. She has helped women and men to fight and cope with cancer—raised money for the American Cancer Society. Even when every day is not the best, she still pushes forth to work towards her calling. To whom much is given, much is required. When the world says no, the Spirit of God says, "Come on." She presses on.

Sandra and Lisa are two phenomenal women. They are two beauties clothed in strength and composed of inner beauty! They are brave, they are beautiful, and together they are fierce survivors of breast cancer! Both are an inspiration to others and a pleasantry of joy walking by faith. They impact others by sharing their strength, and their lives are impeccable to watch. Their fight is of resilience, and victory is their portion. Covered by grace, healing in the process, and not being defined by what each one is going through. If resilience had names, it would be Sandra and Lisa. To some, they are known as wife, mom, minister, sister, friend, but to me, they are my two beauties. I watch and ponder; how could I be so lucky to be in their lives.

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